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This week parliament passed another emergency Coronavirus Bill. Although additional emergency measures were required, legislation must continue to be properly scrutinised and the SNP government held to account.

During Stage 2, when MSPs amend the legislation to make it better, I argued against the provisions allowing serious criminals more time to pay back money owed under the Proceeds of Crime Act. Unfortunately, despite the Conservative and Labour members of the committee voting with me the SNP, Greens and Lib Dems united to vote down my amendment and the extra time for criminals is now law.

I was, however, pleased to see opposition MSPs working together to overturn the SNP’s unnecessary proposals to restrict Freedom of Information requests. No other government in Europe has attempted such measures and I will continue to call for full transparency so that our elected representatives, journalists and the public have as much information as possible.

Many people have also contacted me about the proposals for a new housing and retail development near North Deeside Road in Aberdeen. Whatever your view, it is important to be heard. If you wish to respond to the application, visit and the application is at 200535/PPP. The Press and Journal have also written an article on the development which you can view here:

 As always, please get in touch if there is anything I can help with.

Liam Kerr MSP on the Proceeds of Crime Act, Freedom of Information and North Deeside Housing

Alex Burnett MSP on Mental Health Awareness Week and help for the Oil industry

Throughout this pandemic, Covid-19 has presented many challenges to the energy sector. This week I have spoken with Oil & Gas UK and Oil & Gas Authority to discuss the difficulties facing this important industry, and I have made plans to speak with BP next week. With falling prices and the safety of workers as a top concern, it is imperative that both the UK and Scottish Governments provide support to the industry, and its workers, to ensure a sector wide recovery.

This week was also Mental Health Awareness Week. During this uncertain time, we must be kind to those who may be struggling during this pandemic, whilst also taking care of our own mental health. Please take time to care for yourself and those you love, and we will get through this together.

As we start to see lockdown measures eased over the coming weeks, please continue to follow the guidance and maintain safe social distancing.

As ever, if there is anything you think I should be working on or holding the SNP to account on, please do not hesitate to contact me.