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Thank you so much for all your support throughout this campaign. It truly is an honour to be re-elected to serve the North East and push the Fair Share for the North East agenda that I, and my colleagues, crafted.

We had one of our strongest electoral performances in the North East so far, stopping an SNP majority in its tracks and keeping our region foremost on the Scottish Parliament’s agenda in the next term.

I am proud of my record of standing up for the North East on issues such as fair funding for our councils, pushing for much needed infrastructure projects, including improving road safety on the A90 and upgrades to railway stations and services, protecting our energy industry as it diversifies, and holding the SNP’s feet to the fire on their repeated failures.

However, there is still much more work to be done and over the next five years I will look to deliver even more for you. The need for strong North East representation has never been more important with the Scottish Greens demanding the accelerated decommissioning of the oil and gas sector as a “red line” for an independence pact with the SNP. This appalling disregard for jobs and families is completely unacceptable and I will fight these proposals every step of the way.

I promise to continue to champion the North East, to hold the new Government to account and to be your voice in Parliament. You can watch my swearing in as an MSP yesterday here:

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if I can be of any assistance:

Liam Kerr MSP: The Scottish Conservatives will continue to stand up for the North East

Alexander Burnett MSP says Thank You!!

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported me at this election. This campaign has truly been a team effort. I am extremely grateful for everyone who helped by delivering leaflets; telephone canvassing; chasing people to vote by phone and on foot; put up field posters; donated funds; and, just supported in the many ways required to make a campaign successful.


This has been a campaign like no other, however the Scottish Conservatives had over 100,000 more votes nationally, our highest vote share ever, and retained our 31 seats! This is a fantastic achievement we can be proud of.


Locally, it has been about working hard for constituents these past five years and this seat has been a target for the SNP. They threw everything at it and increased their vote by three times as much as they achieved across the rest of Scotland. Fortunately we increased ours by 9.1% and with that stopped their overall majority.


Once again, thank you for all you have done to keep Aberdeenshire West blue. I’m looking forward to standing up for my constituents and holding the SNP Government to account.


As always, if you would like to raise any issues with me, please get in touch at

Across the North East, we have had a great set of results from this election.

Mark Findlater came closest of all Scottish Conservative candidates to actually gaining a seat from the SNP, reducing their majority in Banffshire and Buchan Coast from 6,583 to 772.  

Stewart Whyte and his team also did really well, cutting the SNP majority in Aberdeenshire East by two thirds and increasing the conservative vote by the highest percentage (11%) of any seat in Scotland.

Well done to both Mark, Stewart and their teams, and thanks to everyone who supported their campaigns.

Alexander Burnett had possibly the most crucial win, not only holding the Aberdeenshire West seat - which he won in 2016 - but did so with a greatly increased majority and confirming that the SNP would not get a majority.  It was significant that the BBC didn’t release their projections of the final result until Alexander’s result was declared.

I’m also delighted to see Liam Kerr return as North East Region List MSP – along with new MSPs Douglas Lumsden, Tess White and, joining the North East from his previous list seat in West Scotland, Maurice Golden.

I know that they will all be great champions for the North East Scotland region. Of course, our MSP colleagues who stepped down at this election; Bill Bowman, Peter Chapman and Tom Mason, will be greatly missed.  I thank them all they have done for the North East in the last five years and wish them all the very best.

I look forward to working with another returning MSP – Douglas Ross – and all new and returning Scottish Parliament colleagues as we focus on continuing to overcome Covid-19 and on recovering fully from the pandemic across our country.

David Duguid MP on the Scottish Parliamentary Elections