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Having met with John Lewis bosses last week to discuss their situation, I also spoke out in the Press and Journal on how the Bon Accord and St Nicolas Centres in the heart of Aberdeen have been battered by the pandemic with over 20 big name retailers shutting up shop since March last year.

The closure of the Disney store as well as John Lewis in recent weeks highlights the alarming situation that our city centre faces.

There needs to be specific Aberdeen support from the Scottish Government to get traders through this difficult spell before more closures occur.

The Bon Accord has been the heartbeat of retail in the city for more than 20 years and everyone wants it to remain an attractive destination for shoppers. It’s now vital independent businesses as well as larger traders can be encouraged to fill these units and to help rebuild our city’s retail sector.

As regular readers may know, I've been working on reopening stations at Cove and Newtonhill for several years and in 2019 I contacted SNP transport secretary Michael Matheson over getting both stations back on track, urging him to meet community groups over the prospect.

Funding for a feasibility study into both followed and Transport Scotland said a “Case for Change” was received from local transport body Nestrans in November last year. Despite this, no action has been taken. This issue is too important to be left languishing on someone’s desk and, if re-elected to parliament next month, I will continue to pursue this.

I was delighted this week to see the Scottish Conservatives set out our five key pledges to rebuild Scotland, including: recruiting 3000 extra teachers, £2billion extra for our NHS,  a £500 Skills Grant available for everyone, more local policing and full fibre broadband rollout by 2027.

Liam Kerr for Aberdeen South and North Kincardine: Aberdeen’s retail sector needs more support

Alexander Burnett encourages everyone to get involved in campaigning (and use your postal vote!)

Next week postal votes will be arriving and it’ll be exciting to kick off the voting for this election. I want to encourage everyone to post your votes as early as possible - there is now only 4 weeks to go!!  


As we look towards rebuilding Scotland, only the Scottish Conservatives are focused 100% on our recovery and stopping IndyRef2. And if you or your friends and family want to share your support for our campaign there are several ways to do so.


Whilst we are unable to get out and about like normal, you can share news stories and engage with us on social media, deliver leaflets, phone supporters and even put up posters on your windows at home.


If you are able to help the campaign in any other way, please get in touch with me at    


You can find me on Facebook at and on Twitter at @AJABurnett.