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I am delighted that Schools across Scotland will be re-opening full time by the 18th of August. I know this will be a huge relief for families across the country. However, the way that gyms have been treated by Nicola Sturgeon is disgraceful.  Many hard working businesses have been given no support whatsoever and the latest announcement that gyms cannot reopen until at least the 14th of September further highlights this. Livelihoods are at stake and I am deeply worried that Bannatynes and many other established gyms both in the Aberdeen and throughout the North East will start to question their future unless the SNP Government immediately offers support in reopening.


In parliament yesterday, I asked the First Minister when the SNP will respond to the extensive report published by Benny Higgins, the chair of the Scottish government's economic recovery panel, by the end of July as requested. I was disappointed that despite Nicola Sturgeon giving assurances on the 24th of June that this deadline would be met, the SNP are now backtracking. This is unacceptable and shows once again that the SNP are not taking the state of our economy and the looming jobs crisis seriously.  


As many of you will know, I have repeatedly challenged the SNP over the Hate Crime Bill. I believe this proposed legislation in its current form represents a fundamental threat to our freedom of speech and a remarkably diverse group of organisations have all publicly expressed concerns about the potential implications of this bill. I recently published an article on this topic which you can read here:

As always, please do get in touch if I can be of any assistance.

Liam Kerr MSP criticises mobile phone use in Scottish prisons speaks out against the proposed hate crime bill

Alex Burnett MSP opposes Spaces for People

I have had many people get in touch with me over recent weeks noting their opposition to the Spaces for People legislation which this SNP Government has forced local Councils to implement.


I know from speaking with many residents and businesses that this policy is damaging the local economy and preventing vulnerable people from being able to access our small businesses and high street shops.  

Rest assured, I am doing all I can to make representations to the Council and the SNP Government on how damaging this policy is.


Yesterday we heard further updates from Nicola Sturgeon on how lockdown restrictions will ease.


It is disappointing that gyms and swimming pools are being told that they cannot reopen until 14th September, with no further information on what support will be available to those whose livelihoods depend on them re-opening – I have had many constituents in touch with me on this matter and it is vital that the SNP Government reviews their decision to an earlier date.


Right now it seems that this Government is not considering the implications of their decisions on businesses and individuals alike – we will continue to put pressure on and if there is anything specific I can help with, do get in touch.